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[e-drug] Literature on Human Resources for Supply Chain Management?

E-DRUG: Literature on Human Resources for Supply Chain Management?

Dear E-druggers,

Veronique Brossette of Institut Bioforce Développement has begun a literature 
review to collect, synthesize and analyze existing information/documentation 
regarding the Human Resources for Health (HRH) that are responsible for 
managing health supply chains. 

This review will inform a new multi-agency initiative on Professionalizing 
Public Health Supply Chain Management (see: 

We would very much appreciate if you could send to Veronique 
(v.brossette@wanadoo.fr) relevant literature you are aware of - whether 
published by your organization or another, peer-reviewed or not.

Here are the key topic areas for the review:

1) Synthesizing and analyzing existing documentation on the current Human 
Resources for Health (HRH) capacity for supply chain management (SCM) in 
Ministries of Health (especially) and other public health institutions of 
developing countries. Areas of interest include: What cadres do the staff 
managing supply chains belong to? What SCM-specific training/qualifications do 
they have? If they are not SCM-dedicated, what percentage of their time do they 
spend on SCM responsibilities? In what developing countries do professional 
qualifications for SCM exist?

2) Synthesizing and analyzing documentation of new/innovative/good/bad 
approaches for professionalizing supply chain management, and their impact.

3) Synthesizing any documentation that strengthening HRH capacity for health 
supplies can improve both supply chain outcomes and health outcomes.

4) Cataloguing country level resources that could support strengthening HRH 
capacity for SCM, including competency frameworks, pre-service education 
programs in SCM, other certifications and qualifications for SCM, and 
professional associations.

Kind thanks!

Kevin M. Pilz, Ph.D.
Senior Commodity Security and Logistics Adviser
U.S. Agency for International Development
Bureau for Global Health
Office of Population and Reproductive Health
Commodities Security and Logistics Division
Tel +1 (202) 657-5554

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