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[e-drug] PSM Toolbox Update - December 2010

E-DRUG: PSM Toolbox Update - December 2010

Dear e-Druggers,

The Procurement & Supply Management Toolbox website


is a WHO/ AMDS repository of tools for health professionals, students in health 
related sciences and consultants working on PSM and other public health related 
areas. WHO/AMDS collaborates with i+solutions which is implementing the project 
on a contractual basis. The database contains PSM tools and resource documents 
for ARVs, TB & Malaria medicines and several other health commodities. The main 
languages are English and French and links to tools in Arabic, Chinese, 
Portuguese, Spanish and Russian have been mentioned where available.

In this final update of the year we would like to inform you of the following:

1) Several tools and updates have been added to the database this quarter. Here 
are a few examples:

*         Malaria Commodities Fact Sheet

*         Priority Interventions: HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care in 
the health sector

*         WHO policy on TB infection control in health-care facilities, 
congregate settings and households.

2) The PSM Training Calendar has been updated for 2011. The list contains 49 
training events to be organized in English, French and Spanish in the following 
countries: Australia, Austria, Burkina Faso, Denmark, India, Kenya, the 
Netherlands, Panama, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, UK, and the US.

The courses are organized throughout the year, check: 


If you know of other PSM trainings that are not included, feel free to send us 
an e-mail.

3) The PSM Toolbox Working Group recently had its annual meeting to review the 
project and to recommend improvements for 2011. The Working Group consists of 
representatives from: Clearsite Web design, Consultants for Health & 
Development, the Global Drug Facility, the Global Fund, i+solutions, Management 
Sciences for Health, Roll Back Malaria, UNDP, UNICEF, USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 
and WHO. We were pleased to see that the number of unique website visits has 
more than doubled this year compared to 2009. We have also added 37 new tools 
and this process is ongoing. 

Please note that this update only concerns the website - the current Toolbox 
USB stick has not yet been updated as this is done once a year. One of the main 
foreseen improvements for next year is the development of downloadable updates 
of the PSM Toolbox, which will make it easier for people using a USB stick to 
obtain the latest tools on their USB stick at any time.

WHO is grateful to all technical agencies and institutions that support this 
project and contribute to the growth, dissemination and improvement of the PSM 

For more information about the project you can contact Ms Clarisse Morris at 
cmorris@iplussolutions.org or Dr Vincent Habiyambere at habiyamberev@who.int

Best regards,

Clarisse Morris
Consultant Supply Chain Management and M&E
the Netherlands 

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