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[e-drug] Ghana to recall substandard antimalarials (2)

E-DRUG: Ghana to recall substandard antimalarials (2)

Dear  e-druggers,  

I  agree with the moderator that it  a welcome  and essential  move  that  
Ghana is acting on the discovery of substandard and  counterfeit antimalarial 
products in their pharmaceutical market.

There  is  evidence  that similar surveys conducted in other countries did not 
result in action to remove offensive medicines from the market and so protect 

The  surveys  are important initial steps but some important questions need  to 
 be  investigated  before  lasting  improvements can possibly result: such as;

-What  was the entry point of the counterfeit and substandard products into  
the  market-  what  will be done to overcome weaknesses in QA of supply and 
distribution  security.  Are  procurement  and  receipt documentation available 
for audit and follow up?

-What  training/skills/responsibility  do  dispensing  staff  have  to assure  
quality  of the products they are providing to the public? For instance  if 
medicines are procured from "travelling salespersons as is common  with  many  
other products, can heath care staff differentiate between products of varying 

-  Given  the  results  of  this survey, what is the prediction of the quality  
of  other  products  other  than  antimalarials, in the Ghana market,  and  
what  will  be  done  about  a potential more widespread problem?

-What  are the essential minimum quality assurance measures that Ghana has  in  
place,  other  than periodic surveys, to improve the quality, security  and  
safety  of  pharmaceutical  products  from formulation, manufacture  and 
through the whole chain to the use of the products by the consumer?


Phillip Passmore
Adjunct Associate Professor
Curtin University School of Pharmacy
Bentley, Western Australia

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