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[e-drug] AstraZeneca CEO: Pharma Must Be Open, Work With Stakeholders

E-DRUG: AstraZeneca CEO: Pharma Must Be Open, Work With Stakeholders

NASDAQ November 19, 2010

The global pharmaceuticals industry must become more transparent if it is to
rebuild public trust in the sector, AstraZeneca PLC's (AZN) chief executive
said Wednesday.

David Brennan told a gathering of drug sector leaders that industry
stockholders need to collaborate to collectively address the world's
healthcare challenges.

"Part of restoring that trust is about being transparent," Brennan said in
prepared remarks to the 25th International Federation of Pharmaceutical and
Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) assembly in Washington D.C.

"If we are honest, our industry has not always been as open in the past as
it could have been. But I think there is recognition now that transparency
is the best way to build relationships and understanding."
Brennan's remarks were part of his inaugural speech as the new IFPMA

He said challenges such as chronic diseases and antibiotic resistance will
make cooperation and partnerships even more necessary in future. He pledged
that the IFPMA will continue working closely with the World Health
Organisation and other stakeholders towards this end.

"We already have some clear examples of the potential of those partnerships,
not least in the fight against tuberculosis," he said.

"The major collaboration led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the
TB Alliance, and the Critical Path Institute is making real progress in
speeding up the development of new treatments."

"Here again, it is the sharing of the work that is making the difference by
bringing together pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, donors,
advocates, academics, and NGOs."

"Making these sorts of partnerships work effectively must be a central
priority for all of us, because they will provide us with a model for
achieving successful health outcomes in the future," Brennan said.


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