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[e-drug] IGFAM - Differential Pricing Discussion Paper

E-DRUG: IGFAM - Differential Pricing Discussion Paper

Dear E-druggers,

DFID has extended the deadline for completing this survey to 5 December.

More views on this topic would be gratefully received.

IGFAM is the UK Industry Government Forum on Access to Medicines established to 
promote dialogue on how industry and government can work together to promote 
access to medicines in developing countries. More details on IGFAM are provided 
at http://www.dfid.gov.uk/Global-Issues/Emerging-policy/IGFAM  

DFID, on behalf of IGFAM, commissioned Professor Prashant Yadav of MIT-Zaragoza 
to review current knowledge about differential pricing, its current prevalence 
and to suggest ways in which it might be encouraged in such a way as to enhance 
access to medicines in low and middle income developing countries. 

IGFAM is interested to solicit the views of stakeholders and other interested 
parties on Professor Yadav's paper as a means of stimulating debate on the 
issue of differential pricing, and on policies which governments, donor 
organisations and industry could adopt to facilitate access to medicines to 
poor patients in developing countries. 

The full paper and a summary are available at

We would therefore be very grateful if you could take a little time (less than 
fifteen minutes) to complete the survey at 

Please feel free to add your own comments and suggestions in the space provided 
in the survey. 

The deadline for completing the survey is now 5 December. 

We will then publish a report based on the responses by the end of December.

Best wishes

Saul Walker (DFID)
Jon Pender (GSK)
Co-chairs of IGFAM 

[Submitted by Charles Clift, former DFID employee, now independent consultant]

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