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[e-drug] A suggestion for improving Access to genuine drugs (7)

E-DRUG: A suggestion for improving Access to genuine drugs (7)

Dear Eva Ombaka,

Economies of scale - these can be misleading.  There are many Indian producers 
in free-market competition for most essential medicines, so the actual scale of 
production for any single producer is most often not huge.  And, the economy of 
scale for many types of production provides only very small advantages when one 
goes beyond the equivalent of 5-10 metric tonnes per year of product.  

BUT, the bigger issue is that Indian producers have local access to solvents, 
reagents and excipients - because they are produced locally.  For excipients 
the difference is not so large.  For solvents and reagents - API producers in 
India have a significant advantage.  

Joseph M. Fortunak
Associate Professor
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Howard University
525 College Street NW
Washington, DC 20059 USA
+1 202 806 6880 (office)
+1 301 928 7568 (mobile)
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