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[e-drug] Substandard and Counterfeit Antimalarial Drugs in Ghana (2)

E-DRUG: Substandard and Counterfeit Antimalarial Drugs in Ghana (2)

Very few people are saying that there is not a problem (particularly in 
Africa). The article conflates substandard medicines for counterfeit - 
and hence the prescription is for enforcement of IPR issues related to 
counterfeit. This is as if a branded medicine left out in the sun will 
fare better than a generic or spurious drug. And it is more interesting 
for Africans that the WHO and IMPACT recommends counterfeit legislation 
for Africa while China gets mobile labs on 4x4 vehicles. A difference in 
prescription that is stark.

It is worthwhile to remember that counterfeits were the reason IPRs and 
eventually TRIPs was brought into the trading system. {I am not sure this is 
true. Stated reasons included 'To promote harmonisation'  'Reduce impediments 
to trade�  �to promote technological innovation and transfer to the mutual 
advantage of producers� Moderator]


"Riaz K Tayob" <riaz.tayob@gmail.com>
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