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[e-drug] A suggestion for improving Access to genuine drugs (3)

E-DRUG: A suggestion for improving Access to genuine drugs (3)

Dear eDruggers;

I like very much Biola Mabadeje's suggestion.  But, let me propose that this 
measure would be only a stop-gap for a preferred solution.  

A rotating stockpile of medicines provided from the outside is still 
fundamentally dependent upon subsidies.  Does anyone reading this message feel 
that dependency upon subsidized drug production from outside Africa is the 
ultimate solution??  And, the "rotating stockpile" - if the medicines come from 
outside Africa, what impact will it have on the development of quality-assured 
medicines production in Africa?

I suggest a preferred approach can be developed through the "soon-to-come" 
promised, joint effort from the World Bank and the Gates Foundation - 
Harmonized Registration Requirements for pharmaceuticals.  The surest way to 
eliminate counterfeit and substandard drugs is to train National Drug 
Regulatory Authorities to meet Strict Regulatory Authority requirements.  

Joseph M. Fortunak
Associate Professor
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Howard University
525 College Street NW
Washington, DC 20059 USA
+1 202 806 6880 (office)
+1 301 928 7568 (mobile)

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