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[e-drug] Why EU seizes Indian drugs (Former India WTO Amb) (10)

E-DRUG:  Why EU seizes Indian drugs (Former India WTO Amb) (10)

I totally concur with the writer of this mail.
[E-Drug Nov 9 - 'It is time for Africa local pharmaceutical manufacturers to 
prove that they are
capable of producing quality, safe and efficacious medicines just like the
ones imported from India or elsewhere']

Pharmaceutical companies in Africa should move towards building capacity to 
manufacture the needs for Africa. Apart from perhaps improving the GDP's of the 
countries doing such kind of local manufacturing, the lag periods would be 
shortened and it provides a conducive platform to address the ever-present 
counterfeit challenge in Africa.

Tapiwa Mupereki
tapiwa mupereki <tapiwamupereki@yahoo.co.uk>
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