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Re: [e-drug] Why EU seizes Indian drugs (Former India WTO Amb) (7)

E-DRUG: Why EU seizes Indian drugs (Former India WTO Amb) (7)
[In answer to your first question: In the archives you will find the 
contribution from Wilbert Bannenberg, March 6, 2009,  'Seizure of Indian 
generic ARVs in Netherlands en route to Nigeria' that explains the 'rationale' 
for the seizure (that the drugs were patent protected in the Netherlands).  


This has been an interesting trail.

In as much as I agree that generics are quite good and have further made 
treatments accessible to the majority of the needy we should also emphasize 
quality. Why were these drugs seized? Were the authorities approached for 
answers re their actions? I believe they are part of the questions we should 
be asking. It is also a wake-up call for the various NRAs that are not 
necessarily SRAs to look at their SOPs for upgrade if need be. The care 
should be applied on the side of the exporting NRA as well as the importing 

Conclusively, we in the developing world really need these generics but the 
developed countries too should continually remember that diseases find it 
much easier to cross borders now than before. I think it is basic to fight 
these diseases from their buds than to attempt killing the monsters once 



Jiru Bako
Technical Manager (Health)
Crown Agents Nigeria Limited

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