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[e-drug] Why EU seizes Indian drugs (Former India WTO Amb) (6)

E-DRUG: Why EU seizes Indian drugs (Former India WTO Amb) (6)

[There was a very important and comprehensive discussion on the possibility of 
local manufacture in Africa in May 2010.  Look at the archives following the 
thread 'Quality pharmaceutical manufacturing in LDCs -possible?'  Moderator]

Dear All,
I believe EU is telling African local pharmaceutical manufacturers to wake
up and "smell the coffee". That the destiny of our people are in our hands.
Producing generic Antiretrovirals, antimalarials and anti-tuberculosis
medicines is not a "rocket science".If Indians have done it, why cant
African Local pharmaceutical manufacturers do. At least we can go ahead
with secondary stage of producing quality finished goods while procuring the
API's from reputable pharma companies from anywhere in the world. This is a
true wake-up call and challenge for all. "Some" people will continue to
carry on with the notion of sub-standard products being manufactured
locally, but it is left for us to prove ourselves to the entire world what
Africans are capable of doing for their own. A lot of them thought FIFA
World Cup in Africa is not possible, and they have been proven wrong. 

It is time for Africa local pharmaceutical manufacturers to prove that they are
capable of producing quality, safe and efficacious medicines just like the
ones imported from India or elsewhere, if we are given local governmental
support, and if Developmental Partners of Africa will support local
companies to rise up to this change. A great deal can be accomplished. Thank

Dr. Yaw Adu Gyamfi
67 Nungua Link, Spintex Road, Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233244104720

Chief Executive Officer
Danadams Pharmaceuticals Industry Limited
*Leader in Health Sector
6th Position, Ghana Club 100
Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Awards, 2009*

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