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[e-drug] Argentina, Armenia and Austria release their Pharmaceutical Country Profiles

E-DRUG: Argentina, Armenia and Austria release their Pharmaceutical Country 

Dear E-druggers,

The Ministries of Health of Argentina, Armenia and Austria have just
released their Pharmaceutical Country Profiles that provide data on
structures, processes and outcomes of the pharmaceutical sector for
these countries. These Profiles cover 8 areas such as: health and
demographic, health system, policy and regulatory framework for
medicines, financing of medicines, medicines procurement and supply,
selection and rational use, and household data.

The development of the profiles involves:
1) Collecting relevant and updated information by using a data
collection instrument in the form of a questionnaire; and
2) Developing a narrative report (Country Profile) that is standardized
for all countries. 

The objective is to produce a unique source of reliable and updated
official information for countries to use. This set of data that informs
on country needs and priorities will also be shared with development
partners to help guide their interventions to support countries so to
promote better aid effectiveness.

These profiles can be accessed on-line at:


The development of these 3 profiles has been supported by WHO as part of
a pilot phase aimed at testing relevance and use of the tools. Another
ten countries (China, Jordan, Kenya, Maldives, Nigeria, Pakistan,
Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Suriname) are part of the pilot
and are due to develop profiles by the end of the year.

In the course of 2011, WHO intends to roll out the Pharmaceutical
Country Profiles Project to all its member states.  

 Dr Gilles Forte
 Medicine Programme Coordination
 Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies
World Health Organization

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