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[e-drug] Bribery charges against Missionpharma dropped

E-DRUG: Bribery charges against Missionpharma dropped
[In October, E-drug had a discussion on Missionpharma & World Response,
which were being accused and investigated for bribery & money laundering. 
E-drug has meanwhile learned that the police has dropped the bribery charges 
against Missionpharma. That is welcome news for the world of essential drugs. 
See below the message from the MissionPharma website.

Does anyone know the status of the money laundering charges, or whether
the charges against World Response have also been dropped? 
Copied as fair use. WB]


"As previously informed on this website, Missionpharma has recently been
involved in a police inquiry, concerning alleged unlawful handling of
the funds with regard to a Global Fund project managed by UNDP in the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

In spring 2008 Missionpharma was formally put under investigation by the
Danish authorities for one offence regarding alleged bribery and, in the
alternate, alleged unlawful commission. 

Since then, the investigation has been proceeding and in late January
2009 the Danish Public Prosecutor, in line with our expectations,
decided to drop the core charge concerning bribery. We are obviously
very satisfied about this significant progress and both Missionpharma
and our legal advisers are of the belief that the remaining allegation
will also be proved to be unfounded. 

Since this matter came to our attention, Missionpharma has repeatedly
offered to provide the UNDP, the Global Fund as well as the authorities
with any information about the handling of the project in the DRC, in
order to eliminate any risk of misunderstandings. 

Missionpharma continues to be open to all parties involved, as we have
nothing to hide on this or indeed any other matter. 

Any new development in this case will immediately be posted on our

Kim Ginnerup 
CEO, Missionpharma"

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