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[e-drug] Ugandan president will hang counterfeiters

E-DRUG: Ugandan president will hang counterfeiters

Dear All,

According to the president of Uganda, individuals who manufacture, import, 
distribute or sell counterfeits should be executed. See: 

The president notes that Medicines (Pharmaceutical products) are among the most 
counterfeited products. I hope his definition of counterfeits does not include 

Mulumba, Moses

Emmanuel Gyezaho, Kampala

Individuals who manufacture, import, distribute or sale counterfeit should be 
executed, President Museveni has proposed.

He said such individuals endanger lives of millions and create revenue loss to 
the government.

The President made the remarks yesterday in Kampala while opening a workshop 
organised by Africa Matters, a pan African investments group, led by Baroness 
Lynda Chalker of Wallasey.

Mr Museveni said he would be comfortable employing the harsh communist Chinese 
strategy of hanging culprits who profiteer from counterfeit goods, to deter 
individuals from indulging in illicit trade.

�I think in China they�ve got some good solutions because you remember the 
other man who sold milk which killed children, I think he was put on firing 
squad,� said the President. �If somebody kills children, do you think the 
Chinese are very wrong?�

Last month, a Chinese court sentenced three people to death and two others to 
life in prison for their roles in the country�s tainted milk scandal which 
killed at least six infants and sickened nearly 300,000 others. 

The health of Ugandans and other African citizens came under sharp focus as 
participants heard that anti-malaria drugs, anti-retroviral drugs, foods and 
beverages, plus other consumable goods are the prime pirated goods. 

�We know that more than half the anti-malaria medicines in Africa are 
counterfeit,� said Ms Chalker. �This is an evil in our society.� 
The severe effects of consuming substandard products are what could have 
inspired Mr Museveni to propose the death penalty as punishment for dealers in 
counterfeit goods. 

He was, however, mindful of the global liberal stance on the death penalty and 
quickly quipped: �Now I don�t know whether you want to think of such a 
solution...but I can see my liberals from the West shaking their heads.�

His idea of sending offenders to the guillotine was only part of the proposals 
of punitive measures that formed the highlight of discussions to rein in the 
dishonest trade. 

Outgoing trade minister Janat Mukwaya told delegates that the government had 
finally come up with a new draft law-The Anti-Counterfeit Bill 2009, detailing 
stringent punitive measures against offenders. 

Top of the punishments is a fine not less than five times the market value of 
the genuine products and a minimum five year jail sentence to culprits found in 
possession of pirated goods. 

But individuals who manufacture, produce or make the counterfeit goods, Ms 
Mukwaya said, will be liable to paying a fine 10 times the value of the genuine 
goods, an order of permanent closure of business premises and a jail sentence. 

�The Bill is now going to cabinet,� said Ms Mukwaya. 
Participants heard from new Finance Minister Ms Syda Bbumba, that the Ugandan 
market is flooded with counterfeit goods, manufactured primarily from the Asian 
continent with China as the leading culprit because �of their low cost of 
labour, cheaper prices, size and proximity of markets.�

�Uganda�s market is one of the largest recipients of counterfeit products and 
this is because they are cheap, people are poor and will go in for the 
cheapest,� said Ms Bbumba. 

Uganda Revenue Authority boss Allen Kagina admitted that URA was finding it 
�very difficult� to identify and withdraw fake products once the goods manage 
to go through the porous borders. 

�URA needs to be aware before the goods arrive,� said Ms Kagina, adding that 
the revenue body is currently relegated to relying on information from owners 
of trade marks about product imitation or replication. 

Drinking from Museveni�s spring of knowledge

- Supports Chinese execution of counterfeiters. �If the person is killed, he 
won�t use the money gained from counterfeiting.� 
- Has stopped eating kaalo (millet bread) because sub-standard grinding mills 
used leave metal in the flour.
- Shelling groundnuts and leaving them in the open is dangerous, exposes them 
to fungus which destroys liver. 
- Ministry of Health should launch radio campaigns, advising public against 
keeping shelled groundnuts overnight. 
- Ugandans surviving by chance like wild animals. Zebras are not treated but 
they survive. 
- Counterfeits in the past were confined to luxuries like watches, but the evil 
now has gone into milk products for babies and into drugs for human treatment. 
- We must act now, we must act fast and we must act decisively 

Most counterfeited products

Electric cables 
Electronic equipment 
Medicines (Pharmaceutical products) 
Foods and Beverages 

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