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[e-drug] International summer courses in the Netherlands

E-DRUG: Two international summer courses in the heart of the Netherlands

This summer, the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacotherapy at 
Utrecht University, the Netherlands, offers you two challenging international 
summer courses in Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety and Pharmaceutical Policy 
Analysis (in collaboration with WHO). Both courses will cover the key issues in 
each field and focus on the most important research methods used. All course 
teachers have extensive expertise in their field. You can apply for either one 
of the courses or for both (reduced fee). In addition, there is a cultural and 
social programme arranged for you to make sure that you experience the best of 
Utrecht. We look forward to welcoming you in Utrecht!

For more information, see www.utrechtsummerschool.nl

M8 Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety (29 June - 3 July 2009)

With the prospect that innovative drug therapies will be introduced in the 
coming years, society demands new approaches and concepts for comparative 
risk/benefit evaluation. These evaluations are carried out once these therapies 
have been used widely in daily practice. Assessment of safety and risk 
management of different drug therapies is done in the framework of 
observational epidemiological studies (proof of "safety", proof of 
"effectiveness"). This is the logical next step after randomized clinical 
trials, which are designed to provide evidence of a drugs "efficacy".

The course will cover key issues in pharmacoepidemiologic and drug safety 
research. Special topics include databases and molecular pharmacoepidemiology. 
All course teachers have extended expertise in the design and conduct of 
pharmacoepidemiologic studies. 

You will experience an intensive programme covering the following topics:
-       Study Design and Methods
-       Confounding and other biases
-       Methods in drug safety research
-       Drug Safety and Risk Management
-       Overview of Pharmacoepidemiological databases
-       Molecular Pharmacoepidemiology
-       Drug utilization research
-       Synthesis, case studies & public health

Prof. Samy Suissa, Prof. Bert Leufkens, Prof. Ton de Boer, Prof. Toine Egberts, 
Dr. Olaf Klungel (course director), Dr. Tjeerd van Staa.

Postgraduates, clinicians and professionals within governments, industry, 
universities with a basic knowledge of epidemiology and an interest in 
pharmacoepidemiology and risk/benefit evaluation of drug therapies.

M7 International Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis (6-10 July 2009)

Medicines are among the most regulated products in society. From the earliest 
pre-clinical stages onward, policy makers want to foster the development of 
safe, effective and affordable medicines for patients in need of 
pharmacotherapy. When a drug reaches the market, it is the beginning of a 
process of complex interactions between patients, prescribers, insurers, 
pharmaceutical companies and governments. Furthermore, from a global 
perspective, the reality is that two billion people do not have access to 
essential medicines. The inequity in access to medicines is still a defining 
characteristic of the global pharmaceutical market place. 

This course will cover these issues from a scientific, regulatory, public 
health and international policy perspective. As a collaborator on this course, 
WHO will provide faculty for several of the sessions. 

You will experience an intensive programme covering the following topics:
-       New Medicines Policy - methods for evaluating policy 
-       Methods in pharmaceutical policy analysis
-       Pharmacoepidemiology contribution to pharmaceutical policy analysis
-       Drug usage, adherence to therapy and patient needs
-       Regulatory issues and challenges
-       Access, affordability and reimbursement systems
-       Ethics and equity 
-       Current challenges in Drug Innovation
-       Synthesis, case studies & public health

Prof. Bert Leufkens, Dr. Richard Laing (WHO) and Dr. Aukje Mantel

(Post)graduates and professionals within governments, NGOs, industry, 
universities with a basic knowledge in public health/medicine and 
pharmacoepidemiology who have an interest in the policy aspects of 

General information

€ 900   Course + course materials + lunches + course dinner (excludes housing)  
€ 1075 Course + course materials + lunches + course dinner (includes housing)   

These courses can be combined; combination fee: € 1400,- excluding housing

Deadline for registration is 31 May 2009. 
Course M8: see also www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/index.php?type=courses&code=M8 
or mail O.H.Klungel@uu.nl. 
Course M7: see also www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/index.php?type=courses&code=M7 
or mail A.K.Mantel@uu.nl

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