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[e-drug] Commercialization of medicine (2)

E-DRUG: Commercialization of medicine (2)

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This is indeed reality today; but of course it goes far beyond medicine
alone - it is a commercialization of the world, sometimes rightly or
wrongly called "globalization"!

I was in a lift in one of these "starred" hospitals recently and my
attention was drawn to a rather captive poster headed "Hurry and benefit
from 10% discounts" or something like that. I wondered who could be
trying to target a "commercial" to a group who would probably only be
worried at the time about their own or loved one's health. As I read
further, the notice continued 'Have your angiogram done between January
15 and February 15 and save..."; the poster went on to quote the actual
costs. I was in the lift, on my way to the physiotherapy department to
enroll in a "back programme". An MRI of the spine I had been asked to
have done showed a potential problem around my L5/S1 disc which was
"compromising the nerve root...." and responsible for my pain. But the
other part of my story is that just before I left the orthopedic
surgeon's office, where he had prescribed a 3-months' course of vitamin
supplementation,including calcium, I noticed he looked rather "cold" and
uninterested and I worried that there was a major problem. When I
inquired, he responded; "No...No....No..., I do not see any major
problem and you probably won't need to come back to see me again"! -

Could this have been why he was disappointed?

Murtada M. Sesay
Senior Pharmaceutical Product/Supply Chain Officer
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