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[e-drug] Literature on missed ARV doses (2)

E-DRUG: Literature on missed ARV doses (2)

The issue of missed ARV dosses is a big challenge in the management of HIV/AIDs 
clients. The effective way to minimize or overcome this challenge is through 
continuous medication adherance counselling on every clinic visit and also 
following the SOP on dispensing process through�Pharmacy best practice.

Timing for the next dose�is very important in order to prevent�unwanted drug 
effect. For adult client the missed dose should be taken immediately when 
realised if the duration is not morethan "6hours" and for paediatric 
client�should not be morethan "2hours". Taken after those timing is more or 
less doubling the doses and could lead to�unwanted effects of the respective 
drugs.However if a client missed ARV for morethan 6hours or 2hours as the case 
may be should wait for the next timing of next dose.
Medication adherance counseling�will�help to prevent drug resistance and 
tratment failure�in the management of HIV/AIDs clients.

You can get more information from a book compiled by Howard university 
Pharmacists and continue education under the Global HIV/AIDS Initiative in 
Nigeria, Pharmaceutical care of HIV/AIDS clients for Community Pharmacists.
Pharm.Mohammed Habeeb
Kano. Nigeria.

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