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[e-drug] Médecins Sans Frontières open access website launched

E-DRUG: Médecins Sans Frontières open access website launched

[Cross-posted from Afro-Nets]

The international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières 
(MSF) has launched an open-access website on which it makes available published 
research based on its medical work.

The site, http://www.fieldresearch.msf.org, requires no password or sign-up and 
full-text articles are available for free. MSF hopes that health professionals, 
policy makers and researchers, especially those in developing countries, will 
now have easier access to the results of MSF's field research.

Although MSF is well known for providing emergency medical assistance, the 
organisation carries out significant field research based on its work with 
vulnerable populations. This research has often changed clinical practice and 
health policy in developing countries. At its launch, the field research site 
includes over 400 archived articles on issues including HIV care, malaria, 
tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, refugees and health politics.

It also features conference abstracts and a section called 'Programme 
Descriptions' that describes lessons learnt from MSF's field experience. As new 
articles are published, they will be archived on the site. The field research 
website initiative was made possible through the kind cooperation of over 30 
publishers representing 100 journals in which MSF research has been published. 
These include The Lancet, BMJ, New England Journal of Medicine, PLoS Medicine 
and Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

MSF sincerely thanks these journals and publishers for their permission to 
archive these articles, particularly The Lancet and Elsevier as the first major 
journal and publisher to grant permission to archive their articles, thereby 
encouraging other publishers to follow suit. All publishers are listed on the 
site and each article gives appropriate attribution.

Contact Details
Tony Reid, website co-developer.
Tel: +44 207 067 4236.
E-mail: tony.reid@brussels.msf.org

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