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[e-drug] Vacancy for vaccine safety expert

E-DRUG: Vacancy for vaccine safety expert

Dear colleagues,

I wish to draw your attention to the fact that the Uppsala Monitoring
Centre has now initiated the recruitment process for a new post as
vaccine safety expert at the UMC. 

We are looking for someone who will:

- identify needs for, and facilitate modifications to existing tools and
resources for reporting and analysis of vaccine safety data, or
development of new ones as needed

- provide expert advice on the WHO Drug Dictionary to ensure
variables and codes for new vaccines are incorporated

- liaise with other staff at the UMC (signal detection, database
management, information retrieval, etc) to address vaccine-specific
queries and identify vaccine-specific support needed

- assist in developing signal search strategies relevant for vaccines
and liaise with vaccine experts to strengthen vaccine-specific signal
analysis, signal reviews, and communication of signals

- participate in the WHO Global Network for Post-Marketing
Surveillance and provide support to facilitate the submission and
analysis of information and data from the network. Provide other
country support relevant to collection and reporting of vaccine
related safety data within the context of the WHO Programme

- participate in training activities of the UMC and WHO related to
vaccine safety

- provide liaison between the UMC and the Global Advisory
Committee on Vaccine

Safety Subgroup on Global AEFI Monitoring and the Department of
Immunization Vaccines and Biologicals. 

Experience / qualifications required 

- Postgraduate training in epidemiology or public health.

- Excellent working knowledge (or minimum 5 years experience) in
public health surveillance, preferably in the field of vaccines /
immunization services / vaccine safety.

- Good knowledge of vaccine products and their biological

- Excellent writing and oral communication skills in English.
Knowledge of French or other UN language will be an asset.

- Experience in international health desirable.

Closing date for applications is 1 September 2008. The post will
exist until October 2012. 

The full advertisement is available from the UMC web site
www.who-umc.org <Public Services> <What's New?> 

We would appreciate your assistance in spreading information
about this post to potential candidates in your country and outside. 

Please contact me for any questions
Kind regards,

Sten Olsson
Chief WHO Programme Officer
Uppsala Monitoring Centre
WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring
Box 1051, SE-756 45 Uppsala, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)18656060, Fax: +46 (0)656088
e-mail: Sten.Olsson@who-umc.org

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