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[e-drug] Nutrition in health care, any role for pharmacists? (7)

E-DRUG: Nutrition in health care, any role for pharmacists? (7)

Billy Futter touches on a reality in traditional pharmacy training, in respect 
to an area considered by a few schools of pharmacy thought (as we can see from 
these contribution) as uninteresting, and therefore not so important to invest 
in by pharmacy. May I challenge us to look up the GAIN website (the Global 
Alliance for Improved Nutrition), as I believe that will also provide this 
discussion an interesting angle on this subject. Here's another Alliance that 
is investing in public wellfare, working with both private and public sectors. 
I would like to know what approaches GAIN considers to deliver their 
strategy(ies), and whether pharmacy has been considered as one of these 
avenues, if so, how?


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