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[e-drug] Nutrition in health care, any role for pharmacists? (5)

E-DRUG: Nutrition in health care, any role for pharmacists? (5)

Norman has raised a very interesting point about the curriculum. My
concern is that providing additional (and necessary insight) into  
these primary health care matters will be of no value if the  
curriculum does not include socio-economic competencies which convince  
pharmacists that they have a wellness and preventative role.

I am also concerned that traditional content teachers do not have an  
awareness of or interest in this role and that this will result in a  
lack of integration in the curriculum.

I hope that my concerns are unfounded but would be very interested to  
find out the opinions of others.

thank you


Billy Futter
Associate Professor
Faculty of Pharmacy
Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
email B.Futter@ru.ac.za
phone 046 603 8494
fax  046 636 1205

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