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[e-drug] Nutrition in health care, any role for pharmacists? (4)

E-DRUG: Nutrition in health care, any role for pharmacists? (4)

Dear Rabecca,
As pharamacologist I do interact with both pharmacists and nutritionits. I 
teach and train both groups pre- and in-service. I have come to the conclusion 
that some aspects of pharmaceutical sciences e.g pharmakonitecs need to be 
incorporated into the curriculum for the nutritionists. The pharmacy student 
needs in turn, to be exposed to clinical nutrtion i.e nutritional therapy. In 
fact I could go as far as saying all health professionals. 
Nutritional issues are never really taken seriously except by 
Ask any one of the groups, the diffrence between a drug and a nutrient. You 
will be amazed.



Norman Z. Nyazema
University of the North
South Africa


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