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[e-drug] Information on clinical guidelines (7)

E-DRUG: Information on clinical guidelines (7)

It's important to have well-informed and trained health workers, but
let's not forget that consumers also have the right to good quality,
accessible and accurate information. People in the community are
reassured by knowing that there are standard, approved guidelines for
health workers to adhere to and refer to for guidance. But what they
also need are people who can bridge that gap between medical terminology
and 'what everybody should know'.

Those of us who are engaged in developing accessible information and
education materials for the use of patients, carers and community based
health workers are also very reliant on standard guidelines, both
international and national, to ensure the right focus and correct
information in our materials. 

Without standard guidelines, our job of converting technical guidance
into plain language information would be much more confusing and very
difficult. This would apply whether it is medicines or medical
technologies we are talking about - the guidelines give us an ideal
place to start from and are invaluable.

Carolyn Green   
Senior Technical Advisor: Training
International HIV/AIDS Alliance

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