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[e-drug] Swaziland to purchase ARVs from Uganda

E-DRUG: Swaziland to purchase ARVs from Uganda

Drug Access:  Swaziland To Purchase Antiretrovirals From Uganda To Address 
Country's HIV/AIDS Epidemic, King Mswati Says

Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, Jul 11, 2008

Swazi King Mswati III on Tuesday during his four-day tour of Uganda said that 
Swaziland plans to purchase antiretroviral drugs from a Ugandan factory to 
address the country's HIV/AIDS epidemic, 
 Science News Service reports. In Swaziland, more than 30% of the country's 1.2 
million people are HIV-positive, the highest HIV prevalence rate in the world 
(Africa Science News Service, 7/9).

Mswati on Tuesday toured a new 
 in Kampala, Uganda, that produces drugs for HIV/AIDS and malaria, the 
<http://allafrica.com/stories/200807090050.html>New Vision/AllAfrica.com 
reports. Swazi Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Mathedelene said the Swazi 
government initially plans to purchase antiretrovirals from Uganda when the 
factory starts full production. "This visit is part of our efforts to curb the 
HIV epidemic," Mathedelene said, adding that Swaziland plans to "build a 
factory of a similar nature." During the tour of the factory, Mswati witnessed 
the production process for antiretroviral and malaria drugs, as well as the 
packaging process. He also learned about the establishment of the factory, its 
production capacity and rates of return, the New Vision/AllAfrica.com reports. 

Also present was Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Uganda Minister of Health 
Stephen Mallinga, Information and Communications Technology Minister Ham Mulira 
and other officials. Museveni said Uganda plans to purchase shares in the 
factory worth 10 billion Ugandan shillings, or about $6.1 million, in order to 
enhance production of drugs in the country (Among, New Vision/AllAfrica.com, 
7/9). Francis Kitaka, chair of the board of directors for the pharmaceutical 
company Quality Chemical, said that the plan will reach full production 
capacity in August and that it will be able to produce six million HIV/AIDS and 
malaria drugs daily (Africa Science News Service, 7/9). 


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