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[e-drug] Information on clinical guidelines (3)

E-DRUG: Information on clinical guidelines (3)

In developing countries the rationale for clinical guidelines applies as 
described by Mary Hemming. In addition standard clinical or treatment 
guidelines based on a national essential medicines list are crucial to address 
issues associated wih safety, affordability, access and necessity. 

To prepare clinical or treatment guidelines 
-  disease patterns are analysed 
-  consideration is given to how the common conditions should be treated in 
your setting
-  essential medicines are aimed at the best treatment for most of the people 

Ideally, treatment guidelines should be prepared first and the medicines needed 
will be determined during the process. It is possible to work through the 
process of disease management from the base level of the health services, 
through the various referral levels.  Treatment guidelines and lists of drugs 
can be designed for different levels of programs resulting in uniform or 
complementary treatment by doctors, health workers and nurses. 

-  The use of guidlines associated with a basic list is not only the most 
efficient way to use the money that is available, it also provides safe and 
reliable treatment, and appropriate drugs will always be available;
-  It is a guarantee that products are excluded which haven't been properly 
evaluated, or are known to be quite dangerous, or which have nothing to do with 
the needs of the population; it also excludes inappropriate drugs that could be 
made available by donation;
-  Apart from helping to stop the waste of money on unnecessary drugs or on 
drugs that are more expensive than equally effective ones, it also makes the 
recording, storage and distribution much easier.

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