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[e-drug] Information on clinical guidelines (2)

E-DRUG: Information on clinical guidelines (2)

The rationale for guidelines could be explained as follows:

Patients need to be able to rely on their doctor or pharmacist to be an
honest and informed broker of the best possible advice about drugs being
prescribed. They want to be assured that the drug selected for them is
effective and safe.

Every month medical research generates tens of thousands of articles
describing clinical trials so it is impossible for busy doctors,
pharmacists, or any other health professional to keep up to date with
this information, let alone having the time and skills to aggregate and
interpret it.

Australian health professionals and their patients are fortunate. They
can rely on the information generated by Therapeutic Guidelines Limited
(TGL), an independent not-for-profit organisation that exists
specifically to provide health professionals with independent and
credible guidance on which drugs should be prescribed for which

The texts produced, Therapeutic Guidelines, provide clear concise
independent and evidence-based recommendations for patient management
that have been developed by Australia's leading experts. These experts,
with their many years of clinical experience work with skilled medical
editors to sift and sort through research data, systematic reviews,
local protocols and other sources of information, to ensure that the
clear and practical recommendations that are developed are based on the
best available evidence.

The experts volunteer to participate in TGL writing groups because they
recognise the critical need for independent information. The combination
of the best of Australia's clinical experts combined with high quality
evidence and a robust process makes Therapeutic Guidelines unique -
trusted guidance that is totally independent of both the pharmaceutical
industry and government.

Best wishes,


Mary Hemming
Chief Executive Officer
Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd
Ground Floor, 23-47 Villiers Street,
North Melbourne VIC 3051 Australia
T: +61 3 9326 6324
F: +61 3 9326 5632
E: mhemming@tg.com.au
For more information about Therapeutic Guidelines, visit our website at

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