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[e-drug] Information on clinical guidelines

E-DRUG: Information on clinical guidelines

Dear e-drug Colleagues:

We are in the process of preparing a report for the WHO on 'Priority Medical 
Devices for Europe and the World'. As part of this, we are reviewing clinical 
guidelines for various high burden diseases (e.g., diabetes, HIV AIDS, 
ischaemic heart disease and the like) and are extracting the procedures and 
devices mentioned in the guidelines. 

It occurred to us that we do not really know the reasons why people write 
clinical guidelines in the first place. 

We would like to get answers to these  general questions:

*  What is the main impetus to write a clinical guideline (e.g. is it perceived 
need or actual need or something else?)
*  Who typically takes the initiative in creating clinical guidelines?
*  What might be the barriers to creating a given clinical guideline? (e.g., 
lack of financial and human resources? Lack of interest from key stakeholders?)

Although we appreciate that that e-drug may not be the most appropriate forum 
for our request relating to medical devices, we think that perhaps those 
familiar with therapeutics can give us valuable insights into these questions 
nevertheless.  If you have personal experiences with such questions, we would 
like your responses.

Further, if you feel you want to respond directly to us, please do so at one of 
the following e mail addresses:

Josee Hansen: hansenj@who.int 
Warren Kaplan: wak@bu.edu
Fredereik Swart:  swartf@who.int
Sent by:
Warren Kaplan, PhD, JD, MPH
Center for International Health & Development
Boston University School of Public Health
Boston, MA 02118

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