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[e-drug] Medicines financing in Sudan (5)

E-DRUG: Medicines financing in Sudan (5)

Dear Dr. Gamal,

I take this opportunity to inform our E-drug colleagues that we consider RDF 
Khartoum as one of the successful experiences in cost-sharing and drug 
financing in the EMRO region, and that this has come as a result of the 
continuous development of policies and guidelines that support the 
strengthening of RDF. I really recommend this drug supply financing mechanism 
as a good model.

An important concept for any cost sharing mechanis is to consider that any 
unbalanced markup will always affect the affordability of medicines to the 
patient (this isn't the case in RDF Khartoum). On the other hand, revenues that 
are generated should remain supplementary funding rather than replacing 
government funding.
Amjad Wedaa
Pharmacist FInstPM, IDipMBA
Health Planning Department Manager
Directorate of International Health
Sudan Federal Ministry of Health
Phone (Cell) +249912325292Phone Office +249183780651
Fax +249157792176
E-mail: amjadwedaa@gmail.com, ccmsudan@gmail.com

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