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[e-drug] Medicines financing in Sudan (3)

E-DRUG: Medicines financing in Sudan (3)

Mr Gamal Khalafalla Mohammed,

It was really interesting to read your E-drug posting on medicines 

I am a pharmacist working with the Ministry of Health in my country
Bhutan. Currently I am involved in a small project on health care
costing including pharmaceuticals. You mentioned that in addition to
the actualy cost of medicines there is a mark-up cost up to 38%. How
is the level of that mark-up determined?

We are having some difficulties for costing of medicines. If we take
the rate at which we buy for the government hospitals, the cost is
very minimal, but if we take prevailing market rate, it is too high
for patients. If we decide to add mark up cost on the wholesale rate,
then we are not really sure of what inputs to consider.

Would appreciate if you could give some idea on this, or suggest some
papers to read.


Manusika Rai
Program Manager
Essential Drugs Program
Ministry of Health

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