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[e-drug] Medicines financing in Sudan (2)

E-DRUG: Medicines financing in Sudan (2)

Dear e-druggers,

As someone who had the great fortune to work on the RDF with Dr Gamal, and who 
witnessed the growth of the RDF, as well as the realisation of a goal, I would 
like to think that at this point in time (2008), the RDF is sufficiently robust 
as to withstand this policy decision by the Governor of Khartoum. That 
robustness should be based on the organism of the RDF itself. The cost- 
recovery engine will indeed only slow down, but not collapse. Colleagues in the 
management and supply chain only need to remain focused, and take measures to 
adapt in line with the decision. That is, you may have to cut or reduce certain 
activities that are not exactly core to the RDF and the objective of ensuring 
sustained availability of essential drugs at each of the rural and urban health 
facilities. Thus, while this increase in the Rx fee will mean less income into 
the RDF per month, it is hoped that the gap will be covered by input from 
Khartoum State and Federal Government. In that respect, it will be important 
for the government to set up a budget line for the RDF as part of the Health 
Budget, and ensure that the 'RDF Budget' is ring-fenced.
I would also contribute the notion that indeed it is for governments to make 
these kinds of decisions, even though technical staff may not agree with them. 
The maturity of a programme such as the RDF is how to be innovative and adapt 
to fit the new policy decision. Afterall, the Wali did decide to end to the RDF!
Sincerely, and many thanks, Dr Gamal, for this update.

Bonface Fundafunda PhD., MBA., B.Pharm
Manager, Drug Supply Budget Line
Ministry of Health,
P.O. Box 30205,
Ndeke House,
Tel: +260 211 25 59 11
Fax: +260 211 25 14 04
Mobile: + 260 979 25 29 00
Email: bcfunda@hotmail.com> 

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