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[e-drug] Studies on access to RH medicines

E-DRUG: Studies on access to RH medicines

Dear all,

I am currently working on an assignment on behalf of the WHO Department of
Medicines Policy and Standards and am looking for studies on access to
reproductive health medicines (not only contraceptives but also life-saving
RH medicines such as oxytocin, ergometrine, misoprostol, iron/folate,
magnesium sulphate).  

I have found a couple of documents but I am wondering whether there are
more. I would be interested to get references, links or soft copies of:
* Country-specific studies on access to RH medicines; and
* Information on quality assurance, procurement and supply chain issues,
pricing, rational use, and financing; all related to RH medicines.

Many thanks for your help,

Birgit Kerstens
Independent health consultant

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