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[e-drug] Teaching RDU (3)

E-DRUG: Teaching RDU (3)

Dear Dr AbuBaker,

RUM and essential medicine concept was introduced by me in Pharm-D
curriculam as I was member of HEC and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan as
nominee of Pakistan Pharmacist Association in these carriculam committee. 
We included these topics with a strong lobby of practicing pharmacists, as
the academia were not in favour.

But afterwards these topics were being taught by those who did not attend
any such course or training these subjects. That why they lack practical
approch and field experience. Most institutions do not involve practicing
pharmacists with field experience. Before introducing these concepts in the
curriculam, please train the master trainer on these topics.


Syed Khalid Saeed Bukhari
Coordinator/Team Leader For E.D.M.
WHO, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mob.# +92-300-4005935

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