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[e-drug] Rational Use of antibiotics

E-DRUG: Rational Use of antibiotics

On Non-prescription sale of antibiotics - Very interesting dialogue! 

 I want to remind all that enforcement of any
regulation will possibly guarantee quality of antibiotics (antimicrobials)
but not the inappropriate use (by doctors and other prescribers) or
emergence of resistance. In the USA, 50% of prescriptions of antibiotics are
unjustified with 30% of time prescribers choosing the wrong antibiotic.

The other dilemma I have is the requirement of a prescription in developing
countries when "access to health care" is limited (unsecure). It is my
ethical and moral dilemma.

Even with the existence of standard treatment guidelines, inappropriate use
of antibiotics continues to rise. Let's remember that prescribing is a
"behavior change" problem and might take years and lots of money to succeed.
In addition, once resistance emerges, it would take years to decline, but
often it will not disappear.

Aníbal Sosa, MD.
Director, International Program & Clinical Advisor
Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA)
75 Kneeland Street
Boston, MA 02111, USA
Ph: 617.636.2709
Fax: 617.636.3999
Email: anibal.sosa@tufts.edu
"asosa01" <anibal.sosa@tufts.edu>

["access to health care" Treatment Guidelines that specify different levels of 
treatment can allow for prescribing and use of appropriate antibiotics - and 
other medicines - at specific levels of the health services, according to the 
needs of the setting.  BS]

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