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[e-drug] Training course in managing medicines supply? (2)

E-DRUG:  Training course in managing medicines supply? (2)

Dear Isam M. Ali 

In the last many years we at Makerere University (Uganda) have had 
experience with such training you have cited. From 1996 we have mounted and 
executed international courses under the auspecies of the International 
Network for Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD) and Drug and Therapeutic 
Committees (DTC). Typically participants have come from such far afield as 
Central Europe, Asia, such as Pakistan, India, Afganistan, Mongolia and 
within Africa itself, like Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, S. Africa, etc. 

Needless to say these courses have all been rated to be highly successful. 

In more recent years we have linked up with MSH/USAID and set up a strong 
regional network involving Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda for an effort 
to enhance regional medicines management capacity. We then, with assistance 
from MSH developed useful training materials tailored for the local needs. 
We have henceforth mounted such courses both for local and international 
health workers. Lecturers for the courses have come from the Faculty of 
Medicine, Makerere University with leadership from the Departments of 
Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Therapeutics and the Infectious Diseases Institute. 
We have also drawn international teaching faculties from WHO, Ghana, USA, 
UK, etc 

And so yes neighbouring the Sudan as Uganda is, we believe we can mount a 
cost-effective course on managing medicine supply for you in Sudan or at 
Makerere itself. You can contact us at the address given below. 

Best regards 

Professor Richard Odoi Adome
Department of Pharmacy
Makerere University
Box 7062 Kampala UGANDA 

Tel +256 414 532389
cell +256 712 328 550
Fax +256 414 258 053
Email: pharmacymu@med.mak.ac.ug 

you could also contact 

Dr Paul Waako
Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Makerere University
Box 7062 Kamapala UGANDA 
email: pharmacology@med.mak.ac.ug 

[Several e-druggers also suggested you contact IDA Training
or email  info@idasolutions.org ]
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