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[e-drug] Bakari: treatment guidelines and pooled procurement

E-DRUG: Bakari: treatment guidelines and pooled procurement

Thanks Bev for your stimulating questions. I would like to share with you and 
the E-drug team that:

1. Much as adherence to standard treatment guidelines and documentation 
of usage can serve as a better basis for appropriate procurement, in 
developing countries where quality of the later is sometimes 
questionable due to various reasons reliance on the same could be 
disastrous as one may end up incorrect forecast that can lead into 
inappropriate procurement.A combination of all these plus computer held 
or other consumption records gives room for easy updation and a more 
reliable procurement forecast.

2. I will briefly share a few stuff on pooled procurement and we can 
build up from there.
-Works best on a singular/pooled financing setup (i.e donors based 
financing) -It is a ideal logistical setup for geographically close 
-Works better if countries have similar requirements
-Saves money and reduces supplies lead time due to economies of scale 
(i.e pooled bulk purchase cost lower)
-Give room for sharing procurement resources among participating countries

Based on the above (and ofcourse other factors i.e political etc. )the 
setup  seems most ideal for the small pacific countries in question.
[Thanks Bakari -  the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are considering a model 
that takes advantages of your points but they need to address the problem 
associated with the need for re-shipping across many thousands of kilometres 
from a central destination.  It is suggested that suppliers be asked to pack 
for the individual PICs and send consignments directly.  Bev]

Bakari A. Bakari
Information Systems Manager, Medical Stores Dept.
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, TANZANIA
Public Health Informatics & Leadership Humphrey Fellow 2007/08
North Carolina University, Chapel Hill, NC AED Satellife Intern May 
19-June 13, 2008
Boston, MA 02472-2539

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