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[e-drug] Private Hospital facility-Pharmaceutical Management

E-DRUG: Private Hospital facility-Pharmaceutical Management

hello E-Druggers!
I'm searching for publications (guidelines, tools, standard operating
procedures, policy brief etc) on private health facility/hospital
pharmaceutica management. My interest is related to private hospital (i)
pharmaceutical procurement, (ii) supply, (iii) store management (iv)
documentation and (v) dispensing. This information will help me learn how
efficiency and effectiveness (on the mention parameters) can be improved and
consequenty value for money for private hospital and at the same time ensure
patient get high quality medicine at affordable price.

Furthermore, i would like get any assessment tools which have been
development to assess problems and ways to improve pharmaceutica management
at *health facility level*.

If you any of the valuabe publication/tool please share it with me and other

Mwemezi Ngemera,  MA Health Mgt, Planning & Policy; BPharm
As. ADDO* Coordinator
Tanzania Food & Drugs Authority
Ministry of Health & Social Welfare
Dar es salaam
Tel +255 713 134030
"Mwemezi Ngemera" <ngemera@gmail.com>

*ADDO = Accredited Drugs Dispensing Outlets ( a National Public Private
Partnership Program aimed at improving access to quality medicines and
pharmaceutical services in rural and peri-urban areas). its key components
are a) community mobilization and sensitization b) Training of medicine
sellers, district officials and drug shop owners c) accreditation of drug
shops d) monitoring and evaluation

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