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[e-drug] Stories on giving medicines to children (4)

E-DRUG: Stories on giving medicines to children (4)

Dear Atieno

We encountered problems with spironolacton oral solutions for children;
probably because of the infrequent need and therefore individual
preparation, concentration and labeling of the mixture is not always clear
which results in errors.

And of course the bad taste of the erythromycine oral solution hampers a
smooth administration.

Best wishes
Naomi Jessurun

Pharm D, hospital pharmacist
Pharmacovigilance coordinator Suriname

Academic Hospital Paramaribo
Flustraat 1   Paramaribo Suriname
E: hospitalpharmacy@azp.sr   T: (597) 442222 ext 376
"N.T.Jessurun" <hospitalpharmacy@azp.sr>

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