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[e-drug] Stories on giving medicines to children (3)

E-DRUG: Stories on giving medicines to children (3)

Dear Atieno,

It is disappointing that Atieno has not had any response to her call to
share experiences, thereby enabling learning from the daily challenges
experienced by those with direct responsibility for the care of sick

Common sense argues that that the needs of children and their carers are not
well-served at present.  We need to know about the gaps in provision of
usable formulations (and diagnostics), equipment (eg spacers for asthma
inhalers etc).  What has changed for the better in recent times (eg FDCs),
and what is still needed?  

This is such an important issue; it should not be allowed to fade out as it
will open the door to changing people's overall understanding of the need
for a culture of awareness of end-use issues, and all steps leading to this
(R&D, pricing/procurement, supply chain issues, training and rational use).

Even though people are extremely busy and don't always have time to focus on
additional tasks that are not part of the daily round of duties, lets hope
some will be able to respond.

Best wishes,
Philippa Saunders
"Essential Drugs Project" <edp@gn.apc.org>

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