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[e-drug] Stories on giving medicines to children (2)

E-DRUG: Stories on giving medicines to children (2)

Dear colleagues
  As a follow up to the message I posted on 25th April regarding your personal 
stories on the good and not-so-good experience with giving medicines to 
children, I wish to report that, so far, the response has been an overwhelming 
and deafening silence. 
  This brings me to ask the next set of questions: Is this issue of lack of age 
appropriate medicines for children really an issue? So what if there are no 
age-appropriate formulations for children? are the adaptive and coping 
mechanisms working well? Is this really a problem at the end-user level? Sounds 
like its not! Just thinking loudly.
I welcome any response from those with experience and/or ideas.
Atieno Ojoo
  Unicef Supply Division
  Unite for Children
Atieno Ojoo <atisojoo@yahoo.co.uk>

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