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[e-drug] Unanimous Vote Bans Gifts to Doctors in Massachusetts (3)

E-DRUG: Unanimous Vote Bans Gifts to Doctors in Massachusetts (3)

Dear All,

Valeria wrote: Do you really think that, as a profession, we are so degraded
as to change our clinical practice if we eat a sandwich offered by Ely
Lilly, drink Astra Zeneca coffee in a BMS mug, write with a Novartis pen on
a Novo-nordisk notebook and move our mouse on a Pfizer (not Pfeizer) pad.

I am afraid the answer to this question is definitely yes. But it is not a
question of being 'degraded'. It is just human to be flattered by attention.
Why would the industry put money in it, if it were not proven that they can
influence clinical decisions/prescribing behaviour with it? Because they
think poor doctors cannot afford a pen and a mug, let alone a mouse pad and
are just being friendly? Because they want you to eat properly?

Foppe van Mil, PhD
Pharmacy Practice Consultant, The Netherlands

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