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[e-drug] RFI: Formulas for compounding of Essential drugs?

E-DRUG: RFI: Formulas for compounding of Essential drugs?

Dear all

The objective of this mail is to find out:

Is there a website including a database with detailed information 
of composition, compounding procedures and quality specifications of 
essential medicine preparations adapted and proved for compounding on a small 
scale in hospital and community pharmacies?

If no website of the type mentioned above yet exists, would you wish to 
have access to such a website open to nonprofit organisations in developing 
countries ?

Your comment to these two questions would be very much appreciated.


P. Frauch

Peter Frauch, Pharm.D., Health professional,
Fontanastrasse 12, 
CH-7000 Chur, 
Email: openapo@bluewin.ch

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