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[e-drug] CPM E-Newsletter Issue 6

E-DRUG: CPM E-Newsletter Issue 6
[Congrats to MSH for winning another long-term Pharmaceuticals support
programme from the USAID!
The links in the original HTML message were lost in making this message into 
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MSH Center for Pharmaceutical Management E-Newsletter
August 23, 2007, ISSUE 6
Welcome to the MSH Center for Pharmaceutical Management (CPM) E-Newsletter.
The intent of this document is to selectively highlight information about
what CPM is doing in the area of pharmaceuticals management; availability of
newly-released publications, software, and tools; and plans for upcoming
meetings and activities. We do not intend to provide in-depth information
about these activities or products, but rather a snapshot along with links
to the relevant websites where, if available, additional information or
copies of selected documents mentioned can be accessed. If you have
difficulty accessing the websites and want additional information about a
particular activity or product, please contact CPM at the e-mail address
provided below.
We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues.
>         CPM News Updates
>         CPM Website Updates
>         Upcoming Events
CPM News Updates
MSH is Awarded Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems

MSH is pleased to announce that the U.S. Agency for International
Development (USAID) has awarded us the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems
(SPS) Leader with Associate Cooperative Agreement. The five-year $147.5
million cooperative agreement will be led by Dr. Douglas Keene as Program
Director and Dr. Maria Miralles as Deputy Director. SPS will focus on four
key result areas-
.          Improve governance in the pharmaceutical sector,
.          Strengthen pharmaceutical management systems to support public
health services 
.          Contain the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance 
.          Expand access to essential medicines 
The SPS Program provides a great opportunity for MSH and USAID to continue
working together to support developing countries in their efforts to
increase their citizens' access to life-saving, essential medicines.
CPM Provides Support to Stop TB Retooling Roadmap   

With extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) and multi-drug
resistant TB (MDR-TB) on the rise along with the increase in co-infection of
HIV/AIDS and TB, new and improved medicines, diagnostics, and vaccines are
needed to fight the spread of this deadly disease. The recently formed Stop
TB Retooling Task Force requested assistance from MSH's Center for
Pharmaceutical Management (CPM) and the Rational Pharmaceutical Management
Plus Program to help research and write New Technologies for TB Control: A
Framework for their Adoption, Introduction and Implementation. This guidance
document supports national TB control and immunization programs and clinical
laboratory diagnostic services in accelerating the evaluation and
appropriate integration of new tools as they become available.
A New Home for the Southern Sudan National Malaria Control Program

In 2006, the USAID Sudan Field Office requested assistance from RPM Plus to
provide support to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to establish a functional
National Malaria Control Program (NMCP). RPM Plus placed a full-time
Technical Advisor at the MOH to support the NMCP manager in establishing
policies and  strategies, coordinating implementation, and helping fund a
new building to house the NMCP. On April 25, Dr. Theophilus Ochang Lotti,
the Sudanese Minister of Health, marked the official NMCP office opening.
RPM Plus continues to support strengthening the Southern Sudanese
pharmaceutical management system while also maintaining assistance to the
RPM Plus Hosts PSM Working Group Meeting

The July Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSM) Working Group meeting
was hosted by RPM Plus at the MSH Arlington office. First established in
April 2007 by the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership Board, the working
group, made up of 25 RBM partners including RPM Plus, addresses procurement
and supply chain management issues concerning malaria commodities. At the
meeting, two co-chairs were elected, one from the RPM Plus Program, to lead
the PSM working group in continuing its commitment to making recommendations
on steps to support partners and countries in implementing national plans
and related PSM activities. In addition, working group members helped
develop a 2007-2008 workplan which will be presented to the RBM board for
> INRUD's newly redesigned website is live and includes the most recent May
2007 issue of INRUD News.
> The second issue of the Rwanda Country Newsletter is now available online.
Upcoming Events
Regional Training Course on DTC and Training of Trainers

The Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and the Department of
Pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine, Makerere University, Uganda, will host
a Regional Training Course on Drug and Therapeutics Committees and Training
of Trainers, January 6-19, 2008, in Kampala, Uganda. The course announcement
and application are available on the RPM Plus DTC website.
For more information please contact Marie Maroun at mmaroun@msh.org.

The links to all of the above information can be found on
www.msh.org/rpmplus and www.inrud.org.

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