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E-DRUG: Indian Repository on Trade and Public Health  

Centre for Trade and Development (Centad; www.centad.org) is an independent, 
not-for-profit organization that carries out policy research and advocacy on 
issues around trade and development, with a focus on South Asia. Enclosed is 
brief profile of Centad for your reference.

As part of our work on trade and public health, in the past Centad has worked 
on issues like IPRs and access to medicines, data exclusivity and consumer drug 
information. Centad is currently working on building up a repository on Trade & 
Health publications. 

This work is part of WHO's ongoing project of creating a virtual library on 
Trade and Health related articles related to India. This virtual library would 
be helpful for researchers, academicians, policy makers and others in their 
research work.

In this regard, we are looking for the books, thesis, articles and 
presentations on Trade & Health (in Indian context) from published and 
unpublished sources on the following topics:

1. Intellectual Property
2. Pharmaceutical Industry
3. Drug Pricing
4. Pharma policy
5. Regulatory Framework
6. Access to Medicines
7. Health services
8. Sanitary and Phytosanitory Standards (SPS) & Technical Barriers to Trade 
(TBT) agreements
9. Food standards

We would like to request you to kindly share with us copy of the publications 
of your organization on the above mentioned topics. The details of those 
publications along with the copy of the same or abstract (in case of any 
copyright issue), would be added to this WHO's virtual library.

We would be grateful if you can kindly send us the same latest by 15 September 

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this mail. Should in case you need any 
further clarification, please contact us at centad@centad.org.

Looking forward to your valued cooperation,

Centad Team

Gopa Kumar

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