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[e-drug] MSF Statement on Novartis Court Ruling in India (4)

E-DRUG: MSF Statement on Novartis Court Ruling in India (4)

Dear Novartis,

Thanks for showing concern for India and its people. Since you seem so 
concerned about humanity then why do you worry about patents? Please ensure 
that you stand for the people and keep your good words true to the meaning.

The very effort of you approaching the court for pressing for the patent is not 
public oriented. Patents will certainly not bring health for all but bring 
wealth for few. Since you are a profit oriented industry your public interest 
is under suspicion.

Can you provide some evidence based information what you have done for poor 
people till now, sacrificing your earnings? And at the same time also disclose 
how much you have earned from selling the medicines to them.

Please do not worry about the health of Indians. You are in India to maintain 
your health. Is not that so?

Dr Vijay Thawani, 

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