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[e-drug] Botswana expands ARV dispensing to Nurses (3)

E-DRUG: Botswana expands ARV dispensing to Nurses (3)

dear E-druggers,

In the Northern Territory in Australia there is a list of drugs that can be 
prescribed and dispensed by Aboriginal Health Workers and Registered Nurses. 

This covers all clinics on a list that accompanies the Gazettal Notice which  
lists the drugs. These can be viewed at

Whilst pharmacists may feel they should be the only ones to dispense in remote 
areas this is not possible. The pharmacists task should be to upskill the 
nurses and health workers so they can make the right decisions. In deciding on 
a drug they must refer to the CARPA Manual for guidance in selecting a course 
of treatment.

Read about it at: http://www.carpa.org.au/manual_reference.htm

While the CARPA recommends a course of treatment there is no cross referencing 
of it (CARPA) with the Gazettal Notice listing the drugs that can be prescribed.
It is therefore necessary for the registered health worker or nurse to check 
CARPA for the drug then the Gazettal notice for whether they can supply.


Rollo Manning

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