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[e-drug] Introducing Essential Health Links at AED-SATELLIFE

E-DRUG: Introducing Essential Health Links at AED-SATELLIFE

On August 10, 2007, Essential Health Links joined the HealthNet News suite of 
information resources and global forums supported by AED-SATELLIFE at 

Providing easy access to a wealth of information for health professionals, 
medical library communities, universities, students, publishers, and NGOs in 
developing and emerging countries, Essential Health Links serves as a gateway 
to carefully evaluated and expertly vetted medical, scientific, and public 
health websites. 

EH-Links provides users with a linked list of health and medical-related web 
pages relevant to clinical and public health practice or research in developing 
and emerging countries with the objective of making it easier to locate and 
identify useful information. 

Before being included as an EH-Link, each website is evaluated for reliability, 
relevance, and usefulness by experts in the field, including a physician-editor 
and an international team of Subject Expert Advisors.  Website links are 
checked and content carefully reviewed on a regular basis.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, EH-Links has selected only 700 sites out of 
the many thousands on the web. In addition, each webpage recommendation 
includes an annotated description of the site written by a health information 
specialist to guide the user to the best information sources.
Adapted for international use from a gateway originally provided by the 
University of Zambia School of Medicine Library, EH-Links was developed in 
conjunction with Lenny Rhine, Ph.D., University Librarian Emeritus, University 
of Florida Health Science Center Libraries.  

With the collaboration of Dr. Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Essential Health Links was 
restructured and enhanced in 2002 and has received INASP?s generous support 
since that time. Now welcomed to AED-SATELLIFE, Essential Health Links offers 
health professionals in resource-constrained areas of the world entrée to 
information on evidence-based medicine, full text journals, image collections, 
medical education, clinical and public health topics, upcoming conferences, and 
much more!   
Please visit Essential Health Links at 

We invite your participation in the continued development of this resource and 
welcome your feedback and suggestions of additional useful sites!

Kind regards,
Center for Health Information and Technology
Email: hnet@healthnet.org
About the AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology:
Committed to addressing the issues of information poverty and the digital 
divide, AED-SATELLIFE uses technology to disseminate information and foster 
global conversations about health, and works to build the capacity of health 
professionals and health systems in resource-poor nations to apply information 
and communication technology to the challenges of healthcare delivery. 

AED-SATELLIFE produces four electronic publications, HealthNet News, HealthNet 
News-AIDS, HealthNet News-Community Health, and HealthNet News-Nursing, which 
provide current evidence-based, peer-reviewed articles from 60 of the world?s 
leading medical publishers.  It operates 11 global, expert-moderated discussion 
groups covering topics ranging from HIV/AIDS to African health research and 
development.  AED-SATELLIFE is a non-profit organization.


Leela McCullough, Ed.D.
Director of Information Services

AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology
30 California Street, Watertown, MA 02472, USA
Tel: +617-926-9400    Fax: +617-926-1212
Email: lmccullough@aed.org
Web: http://www.healthnet.org

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