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[e-drug] Botswana expands ARV dispensing to Nurses

E-DRUG: Botswana expands ARV dispensing to Nurses

Hello to you all. 

Is your country hard-hit with the shortage of Pharmaceutical officers as well? 
Thought I will share the experience here in Botswana.

Initially Botswana Government provided ART services at the 32 hospital sites, 
and the dispensing was restricted to Pharmaceutical Officers.   Access to ARVs 
proved to be a challenge because patients were still traveling long distances 
and the queues at the hospital were continuing to be long. This was a threat to 
the required adherence.

Two other phases were implemented to increase access and reduce long waiting 
times. These include: outsourcing of patients to private sector and rolling out 
the services to lower level facilities (clinics and health posts). 

Availability of Pharmaceutical Officers is a major challenge in Botswana and 
recruiting from outside the country has also proved to be a challenge.

As a result, the Ministry of Health has expanded the dispensing of ARVs to the 
Nurses. For the Nurses to carry out this role effectively there was a need to 
develop training curriculum. So we have developed the curriculum and 85 Nurses 
have already been trained. 


Joyce Kgatlwane

[MSF is testing the same principle in Lesotho! WB]

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