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[e-drug] drug prices and health insurance in India

E-DRUG: drug prices and health insurance in India
[please realize that this is a global email platform, so that non-Indian 
e-druggers might not know what is playing in the background. Can anyone provide 
the background to this discussion. And how affordable is half of the MRP? Can 
someone compare it to the median MSH price indicator 2006 (available online at 
http://erc.msh.org/) Thanks, Wilbert Bannenberg, moderator]

dear friends:

The e-pharmabiz of 9th August carries a news item wherein it is stated that the 
pharmaceutical industry in principle has agreed to the govt of India's proposal 
to supply drugs at half the price of MRP to the Below poverty line families as 
part of the health insurance. 

If it takes place, it would be have lot of positive spiraling effects as we 
know drugs account for major expenditure in any illness episodes.

with regards

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