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[e-drug] Why target only Indian pharma companies?

E-DRUG: Why target only Indian pharma companies?
[Copied from NetRUM as fair use. Dr Vijay Thawani]

Why should we only speak against the Indian generic companies when big MNCs 
operating in India are also performing equally bad?

Those who have read the homepage of NetRUM must have noted our request that we 
study misuse of WHO name / logo in medicine promotion and invite information 
from members.

While our research so far has revealed > 100 hard evidence examples, herein are 
reported some of the promotional indulgences by MNCs in support of the HL of 
this post.

Some have misused WHO name/ logo in ORS packaging and promotion.
Sanofi-Aventis and Chiron vaccines harp that their "PCEC vaccine is WHO ? 
prequalified and recommended for purchase by UN agencies".
Sanofi-Aventis promotes its ARV brand Rabipur with claim that it is "WHO 
recommended & US FDA approved".
Glaxo Smith Kline has been promoting its combination vaccine Tritanrix HB + 
Hiberix as "The only WHO approved pentavalent combination".
Glaxo Smith Kline promotes it nutritional product "Mother's Horlicks" with 
claim that it "complies to WHO guidelines providing 20% calories from proteins".
Please pay attention that none of the above companies are of Indian origin. 
After enquiring from friends in other countries, we collected that these 
companies do not promote the same brands in developed economies with such 
gimmickry. So why do it in developing economies? Differential policies? 
Contagious itch?

All of above mentioned promo exists today and can be verified. Since our 
manuscript relating to this subject is under peer review, we can not reveal 
more at this time. But we certainly will open the cans, blow the lids, and 
ensure loud noise so that the misdoings are taken note of.

In OTC also the MNCs are no way better than domestic companies. Please prove me 


Vijay Thawani

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