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[e-drug] Tender: Pharmaceutical Teaching & Development Laboratory, Tanzania

E-DRUG: Tender: Pharmaceutical Teaching & Development Laboratory, Tanzania

Call for Tender: 2007- 7100010 - 01

Action Medeor International Healthcare gGmbH

Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences (MUCHS)

- Development aid project -

Name of the project: Pharmaceutical Teaching and Development Laboratory for 
solid dosage forms at the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences 
(MUCHS), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Interested companies are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.

All qualified companies will receive the full project description (User 
Requirement Specifications) and will be formally invited to submit proposals.

The company is requested to fill in and return the questionnaire at the end of 
the document. 

Brief Project description:

A pharmaceutical teaching and development laboratory will be established at 
MUCHS/ School of Pharmacy.

The project includes the renovation of existing facilities, the procurement and 
installation of equipment and utilities as well as the procurement of some QC 
equipment for the Quality Control Department. 

The scope is to renovate the defined area (plan will be provided) and install 
equipment for galenical development work for solid dosage forms (tablets, film 
coated tablets, bilayer tablets, capsules). The foreseen technologies are 
direct compression, wet granulation, spray granulation, compression and 
coating, using water as a solvent. The lab should be equipped for APIs up to 
class 3 (toxicity). The foreseen batch size is 0.3 kg to 2 kg.

The following works and services are required:

-          Design and construction of the laboratory including utilities and 
lab furniture 

-          Supply of pharmaceutical R&D equipment for the laboratory 
(Processing, In Process Control, Quality Control)

Tenderers can present offers for parts of the project (e.g. individual 
machines) according to their range of products and services.

Each machine will be assessed separately. For R&D equipment also second hand 
machines (well maintained) can be considered.

Offers for the renovation part of the lab (design and construction) shall 
include supply of utilities as well as lab furniture. 

The offer must include transport costs to Tanzania and, if necessary, costs for 
on-site installation by the company. 

A detailed tender dossier can be requested by filling in and returning the form 
at the end of the invitation.

Since the project will be co-financed by German public funds, the "Standard 
Official Contracting Rules for Services" (Verdingungsordnung für Leistungen - 
VOL) do apply.

action medeor reserves the right not to short list firms that have been found 
to have engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices regardless of the results of 
technical evaluation of the expressions of interest.

Expressions of Interest are to be sent to:

action medeor gGmbH
St. Toeniser Str 21
47918 Toenisvorst
Email: christoph.bonsmann@medeor.org (CC to christine.haefele@medeor.org )

Questions can be addressed to:

Christoph Bonsmann
Tel: + 49 2156 978892
Fax: +49 2156 978899

Christine Haefele
Tel: + 49 2156 978893
Fax: +49 2156 978899

Please fill in the following questionnaire 

Company name

Full postal adress

Office/manufacturing address

Core competences / brief company description (company brochure can be attached)

Total number of staff

Number of engineers


Contact person /email

Contact person deputy /email

Filled in by (name, position):

Filled in on date:


After filling in and returning the above questionnaire the bidder will receive 
the user requirement specifications on which you can quote. 

The closing date for a quotation is August 28th 2007, 12.00h Central European 
Summer Time (CEST).

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